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Foam Cut-to-size

We have many years experience of advising the most suitable foam for every use you can imagine!

If you are unable to visit our showroom, we can still offer our Cut to Size Foam on a NATIONWIDE basis. We can deliver safely and securely regardless of where you are located.
Different types of foam

Why order foam 'blind' from other suppliers, where you will not really know the grade, density or firmness of the foam you are going to receive? Our 2,500 sq ft permanent factory Showroom in Bristol is the perfect place to try out all the various types of foam that we offer.

Our Mattress Menu finds your perfect mattress type

Our friendly, knowledgeable, non-commission staff will listen carefully to your intended use of the foam you require, and advise you accordingly. ALL our foam grades are then on display in our Showroom for you to see, feel, sit on, lie on etc!

Many foam cushions on display for you to try Our expert staff are here to helpA customer tries a foam cushion for comfort

Proudly made-to-measure in BristolOver the many years we have made cut-to-size foam we have supplied our various types for a huge variety of applications, from cushions to camera cases and lots more besides like…

Bullnosed foam cushion
Foam Cushion
Keyhole Profile Foam Cushion
Foam Cushion
Rolled Front Foam Cushion
Foam Cushion
Potato landing mats, Sumo warrior suit, Palm trees for a film set, Car Conker protector, Sheep foot baths, Boobs and hips for drag queen, Huge floor puzzles, Lining for flat-pack coffins, Bed rolls for the British Army, Giant Fish and Chip shapes for a Carnival float plus… TOO MANY OTHER WEIRD REQUESTS TO BE ABLE TO LIST!
A huge foam block is delivered

As we managed to satisfy all the above requirements we are sure we'll also be able to help YOU!

We offer various grades of our foam depending on its intended purpose. All our foam grades meet the latest fire retardancy regulations and are what are known as RX Foams. These are the product of the latest technology and are generally considered to be superior to the older 'CMHR' Foams. RX Foams always register a true density – in laymen's terms this will keep their comfort and shape for a long time to come.

Polyseter wadding is bonded to the foam shapeA stockinette cover is added to keep everything in place

Allergy sufferers will also be glad to know that all of our foams are non-allergenic and contrary to what you might think, it does NOT make you perspire more.

Premier grade foam

This comes in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. This is without doubt the 'Rolls Royce' of our foam grades and has generated more praise from our customers than anything else we offer. It's by far our best selling grade. Our Premier grade is ultra high density, of the finest quality and provides a degree of luxurious comfort which we believe to be unsurpassed. This grade is suitable when you require a high quality long lasting foam.

We offer a five year guarantee on all our Premier grade foam and it is expected to last many years in normal use.

Before - an old foam cushion lacks supportThe new foam cushion renews comfort for years to come

Comfort Plus grade foam

This grade foam is available in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. This is a high quality, high density foam grade which we have found to perform excellently in a variety of applications. If you have a requirement for a foam that will be used daily as seats or beds for example, then the life expectancy of this foam would normally be 5 years or more.

Budget grade foam

This foam is available in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. It is best suited when you require an economical foam for light use, for example headboards, petbeds, garden furniture etc. If you are not sure if this is the correct grade you need, then please contact us and we can advise you personally.

Foam cushions made to any shape

Visco-Elastic 'Memory' foam

This relatively new foam is available in a MEDIUM finish. Visco-Elastic foam has a very firm feel when first touched, but the heat sensitive nature of the foam means it will soften when body heat is transferred to it. This then gives a supportive and comfortable overlay for the body to lie on.

This foam is generally only used for mattress overlays, for which it has proved to be very comfortable.

So, whatever foam requirements you may have, just pop in to our Showroom or give us a call. We promise you a friendly, informative response!

A tired sofa
This customer's armchair was looking tired, uncomfortable, unloved and ready to be replaced with a newer model!
After - fully restored sofa for many years use
Stripped, renovated, re-sprung, really comfortable and totally transformed. Ready for many more years of enjoyment!
Our new showroom has thousands of fabrics on display
Enjoying our 'Kid's Zone' while Mum & Dad browse our Showroom!
No furniture is beyond repair…
…ready for another 50 years use!
Ercol dining chairs…
…are a speciality
Original, dated Cushions…
…brought right up-to-date!
Original 1960's covering…
…brought right up to date
Worn and torn dining chairs…
…given a new lease of life
A tired and outdated sofa before…
…and after we've worked our magic!
Ercol armchairs…
…and Ercol sofas!
Church kneelers, runners and pew cushions

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