Conservatory Furniture

Our incoming phone lines are open 10.00am to 1.00pm and 1.30pm to 3.00pm, Monday to Thursday only, however, we are all here working full, normal hours, i.e. 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, so if you need to email, or leave a voicemail, we will gladly respond promptly.

Conservatory Furniture Cushions

We have many years experience in successfully supplying made-to-measure conservatory cushions to customers all over Mainland UK.

We operate a professional


Our CONSERVATORY CUSHION Service enables us to professionally recover existing furniture cushions, or make brand new made-to-measure conservatory cushions, no matter where you are located in Mainland UK.

"Delighted with my refurbished cushions. A first class service from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone. Very impressed with how smooth the whole process was. Many thanks."

Janice Oliver, Bedfordshire​

If you have inexpensive furniture in your conservatory where you could replace it all with something costing a few hundred pounds, including cushions, then we are probably not going to be a viable option for you.

However, if you have good quality conservatory furniture that you want to retain and where the only aspects that are looking 'tired' are the original cushions… then we have the answer!

We make bespoke conservatory cushions for all types of furniture and in a choice of over 1,400 fabrics.

This Ercol chair is looking tired and dated
The same Ercol Chair has been transformed with new cushions
This Ercol chair is looking tired and dated
The same Ercol Chair has been transformed with new cushions


All of the conservatory cushions we make, or recover, are entirely bespoke to what you require.

If your existing conservatory cushions are still comfortable then we certainly won't insist that you discard them. Instead we can professionally re-upholster the cushions you already have, in a huge range of fabrics.

"We are delighted with the work you did. Not cheap, but exceptional quality and great customer service, rarely is, and as it turns out, it was well worth the money. Thanks to the team for a doing such a great job."


Alternatively, if your cushions now lack the comfort they perhaps had when new, then if you wish we can make you a set of completely brand new made-to-measure conservatory cushions, using your originals as templates.


Whether your original cushions are made from foam, feather, fibre, polystyrene beads or 'crumb' foam….we can help! We have a wide range of high quality foam and fibre fillings, all of which comply with the applicable fire retardancy regulations.

Even if you're based hundreds of miles away, we can help and advise you regarding the ideal filling for your new cushions, collect your originals if applicable and complete your entire order efficiently and professionally from a distance.


Whether we are re-upholstering your existing cushions, or making you completely brand new ones, we have a huge range of fabrics, all of which are on-going (rather than cheaper 'clearance' fabrics), fire retardant and sourced from reputable Mills with whom we have long standing relationships.

You can choose from chenilles, cottons, velvets, flat weaves, faux leather, waterproof etc etc. Regardless of where in Mainland UK you are based, Debbie, our 'Samples Lady' will send you swatches of a wide range of fabrics, once we know the sort of fabric and colours you are looking for.


We are proud to say that we make our replacement conservatory cushions the 'old fashioned' way!


This means that we have real craftsmen (and ladies) who cut the fabric by hand, using good old fashioned tailor's shears.

We happily accept that hand cutting all the various shaped pieces of fabric for your order is more time consuming than if we used a computerised automatic cutting machine.

However, we firmly believe that by continuing to cut by hand, our Sewing Technicians are given the opportunity to make individual adjustments to the fabric they are cutting. This is particularly important when we are making covers only for you, to fit your existing fillings, as every cushion example we see has had slightly different amounts of wear and we need to take account of this, which we would not be able to do with a computerised cutting machine.


We are delighted to say that many of our Sewing Technicians have been with us many years, in fact 4 of them (June, Krystyna, Mary & Joan) have 51 years combined service between them!

As a Company, over our 28 year history, we've always believed that giving our staff pride in their work is crucial to our success.

So in this age of many things being produced on mind-numbing production lines, where each person only carries out one small part of the production process, we like to be different.

This means that normally one of our Sewing Technicians will make your entire order, from start to finish. This gives them a real sense of pride and satisfaction in the quality of what they are making. Each order they make is different… different models of cushion, different shapes & sizes, different fabrics… so this keeps their interest, and gives them an immense sense of pride in their work.


We feel that we should give you an option, and so we are very happy to either make you complete new cushions, or covers only. Please see more information about each option below.

Either Complete Cushions…

If you feel that your original cushions have lost much of their comfort, as well as looking dated, then we can solve the problem for you by making complete new cushions for your conservatory furniture.

We are pleased to say that foam and fabric technology and specifications have generally improved over recent decades, so it may well be the case that the filling we use in your new cushions exceeds the specification of your originals. Regulations have of course also become more stringent, so naturally all our foam and fabrics comply with up-to-date fire retardancy regulations.

When we make you complete new cushions we often fit Dacron Wadding to your new foam to help 'fill out' the outer cover and also a stockinette undercover to protect the fabric. We replicate as near as possible the feel your cushions would have had originally. This means your new cushions will feel firmer and more supportive than what you have become used to over the years, as your originals have gradually worn.

Or… Covers Only

Re-upholstering your conservatory furniture is obviously very environmentally efficient as it would seem almost criminal to discard enduring conservatory furniture frames, when it's simply the cushions that may need 'recycling'.

In the same vain, we also feel that we should not force you to replace your original fillings if you're quite happy with them. This is because supplying high quality fillings obviously adds to the total cost of an order and so if you wish we're happy to give you prices for supplying both complete cushions and also for making you covers only, to fit your original fillings.


If you have Ercol furniture in your conservatory, then we are experienced specialists in this field.

We make new cushions, or covers only, for whatever model of Ercol you have in your conservatory. We have dedicated information regarding this part of our expertise. Please click here to go to our dedicated Ercol website.


Just give us a ring or drop us an email regarding your conservatory furniture. If you can send us an image or two then that would also be very appreciated and will help us respond to you in an informative manner!

We'll then happily offer you some options and prices, all in a no-pressure, friendly and professional manner.

We look forward to hearing from you!